.: 30 days before I’m 30 :.

Yap, less than 1 month to go now. I just saw this post (30 things to do in the 30 days before I’m 30), as I find it’s a nice idea let me give a go:

* Read a book
* Write something about what I’ve learnt so far and what I expect still to learn
* Drink a nice wine and remember the name of it (normally I don’t)
* Drink a nice cocktail
* Bake something… could even be Pasteis de Nata again
* Photograph Autumn (I haven’t taken any autumnal photos this year)
* Go for a run (bare minimum!!!)
* Say hi o a frienf to whom I haven’t been much in contact recently
* Buy something new
* Get rid of old stuff (at least 5 items)

This is tough!!!

* Book a trip
* Tell someone important to me how important they are
* Look back to all the things I wanted to do before I was 30
* And recognize how many I haven’t done and will probably never do
* Write a post about the most remarkable travel I’ve done and why
* Write a post about my most embarrassing moment ever
* Make a list of my 30 favourite songs
* And books too!
* Finish my 3 months late accounting (I used to be way more organized even when I was stressed out)
* Plan something nice to celebrate the 10 years since we’ve started dating

Uhhh this is going to be fun

* Plan how to celebrate my birthday in Brussels
* Get rid of my cold in the next 30 days (it would be nice!)
* Listen to all my favourite songs – those I hope I have listed already
* Define the 5 most important things I want to accomplish in the next 5 years
* Define how I see myself (SWOT analysis on me hahahahh)

* Schedule a lunch in my flat with my closest friends (can be after my birthday
* List my favourite 30 photos (taken my me)
* And by others
* Finish my list of all the places I want to visit and add achievable deadlines
* Revisit this post after my birthday and realize I haven’t done half of what I’ve added in this list hahahahah

Bets on the table, who believes I will be able to do all of that?


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