.: 30 days before I’m 30 – Favourite songs :.

I guess my musical taste has been changing along the years, but I still have quite a few favourite songs regardless.


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Let’s start the list shall we?

(Without any relevant order – click the title to open the video)

1 – Hakuna Matata (or Mete o cu na batata – only portuguese people will understand this one hahahaha)

I love this song because it’s part of one of my favourite movies ever, Lion King and because it reminds me my sister. We both love this song and sing it all the time. Yap

2 – Pink Floyd – Another brick in the wall

I grew up with this song, and it certainly reminds me my dad.

3 – Within Temptation – Stand my Ground

It was quite a changing year for me, and somehow I was listening this song loads of times

4 – Cancao do Mar – Dulce Pontes

I love this song, really

5 – Nightwish – Phantom of the Opera

I love Nightwish in general and this song is one of my fav

6 – Dream Theater – Best of times

It’s an amazing song, from my favourite band and it does remind me of my dad too. It makes me cry all the time

7 – Celine Dion – My heart will go on

I’ve listened to this song so many times that I’ve managed to damage the CD. Yes I was one of those that was crazy about Titanic. As in crazy enough to write all the story-board dialogs. Yap.

8 – At Vance – Only Human

This was one of the first songs I’ve listened from a DVD that he gave me almost 10 years ago for Christmas. I was listening to this song quite frequently. “Only human, I am only human ’cause I gave you my heart and my soul!!!”

9 – Keiko Matsui – Water Lilly

This song is so beautiful, so peaceful and perfect

10 – Vanessa Mae – Storm 

Because I love violin and at the time I found she was awesome

11 – Pavarotti – Funiculi, Funicula

My dad will know this one hahahahahah

12 – Dream Theater – Octavarium (The Score version)

I love this cd, pure perfection. My favourite band plus an orchestra, it’s just wow

13 – Anathema – Untouchable

Could not have a list of songs without mentioning Anathema, one of my favourite bands as well. This song is just so go. It was written as a memory to their grandmother. I’m sure my grandmother would love this too. Need to show it to her 🙂

14 – Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence

Such a great song

15 – REM – Losing my religion

My dad had a k7 with this song which we used to listen while doing long trips in the car.

16 – Kamelot – The Haunting

Just because

17 – Pink Floyd – Wish you where here

I guess I don’t need to say why

18 – Hans Zimmer – Batman OST

This is such a great soundtrack!

19 – Phil Collins – You’ll be in my heart

You’ll be in my heart from this day on now and forever more. Cheesy but beautiful

20 – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

One of the best songs of all times

21 – In Memories – Trust and betrayal OVA OST (Samurai X)

I need to watch this again, it’s such a powerful and beautiful story which the songs reflects quite well

22 – Dream Theater – I walk beside you

Back in 2006 he said this was my song, that I needed protection and I really did “There’s a story in your eyes I can see the hurt behind your smile”

23 – Iron Maiden – Fear of the dark

Because it was one of the best concerts we’ve been to. Not the Rio one unfortunately, but in Lisbon

24 – Christina Aguillera – Say Something

It’s the song and the video combined, such a beautiful song

25 – Wookid – Iron

This song is extraordinary

26 – Vivaldi – Four Seasons


27 – Beethoven – Fur Elise

I knew how to play this song. I love Beethoven, I used to listen to it all the time. That’s how I’ve fell in love with piano.

28 – Adele – Skyfall

When the song first came out I was not in love with it, but after the movie and after listening to it again, I’m in love. What a song & what a movie!

29 – Backstreet Boys – Show me the meaning of being lonely

Yap, teenager me and my platonic love. I was crazy in love for this boy at school, but he didn’t cared a thing about me at the time. And that was the time I was listening to backstreet boys all the time. In my head he was very similar to one of the guys too. hahahahah It’s hard to be a teenager, seriously!

30 – Dream Theater – Illumination Theory

I’m sure it will be one of the best prog songs of all times. When I had lost all the hope in their new albums, I heard this one

Pff I did it! It was really hard to think about 30 important songs. Not all of them are still my favourite, but they were remarkable one way or another.


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