.: 30 days before I’m 30 – Most remarkable journey :.

I have to say on this one I will have to refer to different journeys for different reasons:

* My first flight was also the most amazing sunrise I’ve seen. We were returning back from Zurich and it was quite early morning, as the flight was taking off, we were suddenly in the middle of the clouds with the sun in the middle, like this, but with clouds below and on top and the sun in the middle:

I’ve done loads of flights after that but I’ve never seen such a sunrise like that again.

Then I also need to mention my first flight for work. I felt like my legs were shaking, I was in a foreign country not able to speak the language. Even if I had checked everything in advance I was afraid I would get lost and embarrass myself. Everything went fine in the end, but it was a start of a whole new life, a life full of flights.

Finally need to mention the day I left my parents house when I was 17. Even though I knew I could always get back home, somehow, deep in my heart I knew this was it, a one way journey and that nothing would ever be the same. Still remember how I felt like crying while I was leaving the house and the whole journey actually. It was the moment I’ve realised this is it, I’m a grown up now. Ahhh how right I was, once you leave the house and have the first detachment experience it becomes so much easier to do it all over again.

What was your most remarkable journey?


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