.: 30 days before I’m 30 – Looking back :.

Hello everyone

How’s your week going? Mine is going messy! Lots of meetings, no time to eat (had lunch today at 17h30) and still with my cold. So feel really sleepy right now. Nice way to finish my 20’s hahahah

Brrr too cold and rainy these days. Perfect weather for indoors and a nice warm tea. Need to wait for the weekend for that.

Anyway, as part of my journey to 30’s, I had on my list (you can check the full list here and all the related posts here) to think back of all the things I was expecting I would do before I was 30 and compare it with what I have done (2 items on the list). So here it goes


When I was in my early 20’s, just about to finish university I had, like everyone else, great expectations about what I would have achieved by the time I was 30.

From a professional point of view I guess I was expecting I would be quite successful and leading a team and being recognized in my domain. I also thought by then I would have defined exactly what I wanted to do. Back in my 20’s I wanted to do strategic marketing, until I’ve realized I wouldn’t go far with it because most of the positions are more around product management and commercial rather than really strategic marketing. So I can tell you 20 year old me, I’m not in Marketing, not at all. Can’t complain about being successful. I guess among my friends and family I’m perceived as being successful. I’ve grown up for sure, but now that I’m here not sure if it’s the same as I had pictured it.

Also I guess I never thought I would leave the country and work abroad and do lots of international travel – as my sister always pictured herself – but guess what? She’s the one working in the office and I’m the one away from my country and travelling. Ahhh Karma karma! Life is full of surprises indeed:

I’m happy with what I do, and I’ve met good friends along the way and now that I have a bit of personal life back, yap, looking forward to understand what’s next. Wouldn’t mind to change it all and do something completely different, who knows?

And what about love

Ah! This was the biggest surprise of them all. When I was on my 20’s I was not very successful from an emotional point of view. I was a bomb in constant motion, fighting against myself, trying to contain all the multitude of feelings I had inside and couldn’t really understand. I’ve pictured myself as a workaholic as a means to hide the fact I was alone. I had given hope at some stage and I was ready to focus only on work, until almost 9 years ago I’ve got back with him (funnily enough my uncle always told me we would be together again, but I’ve never believed it because we had stop talking with each other and we had followed completely different lives, but hey, life is full of unexpected turns isn’t it?). So I couldn’t imagine I would be so happy later on.

After we’ve got together as a stable relationship then I’ve pictured myself having kids around 29 / 30. But that’s something we’ve kept on delaying because we weren’t ready and due to my working lifestyle.

Random considerations

Overall, I think I’ve learnt how to control my emotions – which I was doubting that I would! but still after all this time I’ve kept the inner-child in me. I still approach life with a smile, no longer to hide my tears as in my 20’s but as a state of life really. I try not to stress and see the good things and recently I’ve been following the approach life nicely – which is nothing more than being nice to people except if they give me reason not to. I smile to people in coffees and supermarkets, I wish people a good day and ask how they are. It’s funny to observe all the unexpected reactions and in return people are genuinely nice to me. I guess most of the people in the hotel know my name and they are more helpful than potentially with some other colleagues, because I try to recognize them as individuals. Silly enough, I believe this can be a great lesson.

Also I’ve learnt to trust myself and believe in my own capabilities – well I still have room for improvement like everything else – but that’s something experience gives you. Don’t worry about you can’t control, don’t try to plan everything you do, sometimes all you need is to trust yourself and live the moment.

Oh yeah, that’s something I have changed as well – I guess as a result of travelling so much – I do less planning and follow the flow more often while travelling. Sometimes not having a plan is the greatest plan of all.

What is the most valuable learning you’ve had so far in your experience?


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