.: Why less is more :.

Hello everyone,

How is your day going?
Today I wanted to share my view on “less is more”. I’ve always considered myself a simple person: I like small things, mostly moments, I’m simple minded as well and to be honest why complicate if we can keep it simple?
Most recently I’ve started to better understand the value of de-clutter and think before buying – this is why I now create a wishlist on pinterest before buying anything – as I was quite an impulsive online buyer. It does help me to think if I really need it.  Also I keep a list of the things I have to help me out understanding what I already have. This one is harder, as I don’t always find everything I have online to save it in the list.

Some people take the Minimalism quite far ahead and have absolutely almost nothing at home, which I’m not sure if I would do. But enough of works, let me share some examples with you:

Less is more – At Home

Love this kitchen – I wish I had all this space. But the idea is that all your “stuff” is hidden and organized in the closets rather then visible




So I guess it’s all about light, minimal objects and soft colours. I’m not very minimalistic in the house, there’s clothing all over the place because I hate mixing up clothing I’ve used – but can still wear again – from cleaned and untouched clothing. Then I have all the stuff I need at hand, but once in a while I put it all away.

Less is more – Style


Do you like a simple look? Are you following any “de-clutter” approach?


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