.: Back to the cinema :.

I hadn’t been to the cinema for a while now. Since I moved to London I was only going to the cinema 1 a year, yap that’s right! I guess because I find it too expensive: around £15 per person + car park – I don’t have any cinema near me. And if the movies are not worth it, I simply won’t go.

But since I’ve started working in Bristol and thanks to Orange Wednesdays  it becomes really cheap to go. A regular price of a movie in a very good cinema is around £9, if you half it even better right? I’ve watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Guardians of the Galaxy and this Wednesday – Fury. Gosh, didn’t remember anymore when was the last time I saw a movie on the starting day!

If you’re thinking about going, go. It’s really good! And it’s not because of Brad Pitt – though I find that he’s been doing really good movies recently . It looks pretty realistic and it’s all about the story, which I find a bless these days.

Today just arrived home at 19h30 and was going to do some work, but he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie and then I remembered I had Chef. Oh boy, this movie will make you hungry! So be sure you watch it after you had a meal:

So I guess I’m happy that I’ve watched 2 good movies in the same week 🙂

Any plans for the weekend? I will have to do some work but planning to go for a really good pizza, some good coffee and a nice walk. Looking forward to it, that and a good sleep!


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