.: 30 days before I’m 30 – Embarrassing moment(s) :.

Hi There, how is the weekend going?

Well I have to say I’m a little bit upset, as I don’t remember last time I felt properly healthy! Nothing serious though, but jumped from a cold, to stomach pain and now infection. Hope it goes away soon. Anyway, forget that for now.

Probably you’ve also realised that I’m failing miserably with my list of 30 things to do before I’m 30. Haven’t done many so far. But at least here’s one I can do.

Embarrassing moment(s)

I don’t remember ever having The Most Embarrassing moment, like the one you will remember forever. But I had a few embarrassing ones:

* My first time presenting a case study at Uni – I was so nervous that it went really badly and I remember feeling like shacking. It wasn’t good at all. My presentation skills have improved over time thankfully.

* I had a few phone calls and e-mails with someone from work, but I had never met her. One meeting, the room was almost full and I ended up sitting side by side with some people I hadn’t met before. While I was opening the call I said I was still waiting for person X and the lady by my side said: Well, but I’m here! Lesson – please don’t forget to present yourself to the people in the room as soon as you recognize you haven’t met them before!

* Gym class in high-school – while doing mini trampoline a massive hole appear on my trousers, but I didn’t realise it, so it ended up being the teacher (male) telling me. I felt really red, providing that my class was 99% boys haahahahah

And to be honest I don’t remember anything else really. Either I embarrass myself and don’t even notice, or maybe I’m too boring. Something tells me I’m good at forgetting embarrassing moments.

Anything you would like to share?


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