.: About natural beauty :.

I was just reading this article about Keira’s frustration with constant photoshop manipulations. Who would even bother to manipulate her photos when she’s naturally gorgeous and elegant?

If they manipulate her photos what to say about us common mortals? Why do we care so much about a model of perfection impossible to achieve? Why don’t we celebrate natural beauty and admire what we have including the little imperfections? No wonder it’s so hard for a women to get confidence.

My favourite video of all times on this is still Dove’s campaign:

Here’s a little secret, I used to have a huge lack of self-esteem. I used to believe I was ugly while I was a teenager, because everyone else was dressing better, had perfect teeth and better bodies than I did. It took me a while to overcome my confidence and start appreciating the things I really liked, like my eyes, my cheeks and my “cute” looking and ahh good skin too. But if the world expects all women to be barbie like, to wear high heels and be flawless all the time, I say the world is wrong. So well done Keira, you’re gorgeous anyway!!!

So women out there please celebrate yourself, after all you’re beautiful the way you are 🙂


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