.: 30 days later :.

Well, not yet, but I won’t have any more chances of posting in my blog before my birthday. Tomorrow I’m travelling for my weekend away in Brussels (Can hardly wait!!!) so here’s the time to do a balance of my list:

* Read a book – I’ve read the Productivity Ninja which I’ve really enjoyed. Maybe I’ll finish the book I’ve just started reading as well
* Write something about what I’ve learnt so far and what I expect still to learn – I kinda did on this post
* Drink a nice wine and remember the name of it (normally I don’t) – Fail! But I’m sure I’ll drink some nice wine in Brussels before my birthday, so maybe I’ll complete this one
* Drink a nice cocktail – Yes I did! Black n’ Rye – you can see the full post here
* Bake something… could even be Pasteis de Nata again – Fail!!!
* Photograph Autumn (I haven’t taken any autumnal photos this year) – Yes! Chiswick & Richmond
* Go for a run (bare minimum!!!) – Fail!!!
* Say hi o a friend to whom I haven’t been much in contact recently – Fail! I haven’t really been much social have I? Or wait, I’ve actually agreed a coffee with an old friend of mine in Brussels! So it’s a yes!
* Buy something new – Yap I did, some kindle books and a shirt
* Get rid of old stuff (at least 5 items) – Yes, I’ve stored in a bag some items which can’t fit me any more, but are still in good condition to go to my sister. so check 🙂

* Book a trip – Not really, although I have some next trips in mind
* Tell someone important to me how important they are – Fail
* Look back to all the things I wanted to do before I was 30 – Fail
* And recognize how many I haven’t done and will probably never do – Fail
* Write a post about the most remarkable travel I’ve done and why – Yap. You can check it here
* Write a post about my most embarrassing moment ever – Yes, here
* Make a list of my 30 favourite songsHere
* And books too! – and here
* Finish my 3 months late accounting (I used to be way more organized even when I was stressed out) – I’m soooo late on this one!!!
* Plan something nice to celebrate the 10 years since we’ve started dating – I had forgotten about this one, ups! But to be honest we are going to the Christimas markets more or less at this time.

* Plan how to celebrate my birthday in Brussels – High level plan and some drinks organised.
* Get rid of my cold in the next 30 days (it would be nice!) – Yes I did! Although I’m afraid I may be getting another one!
* Listen to all my favourite songs – those I hope I have listed already – Yes I think I did
* Define the 5 most important things I want to accomplish in the next 5 years – Yap, check below
* Define how I see myself (SWOT analysis on me hahahahh) – Yes check below

* Schedule a lunch in my flat with my closest friends – can be after my birthday – done! Lunch in my flat on 15th of November 🙂
* List my favourite 30 photos (taken my me)Here
* And by others – It’s such a beautiful list
* Finish my list of all the places I want to visit and add achievable deadlines – No, but I have a close enough list
* Revisit this post after my birthday and realize I haven’t done half of what I’ve added in this list hahahahah – I guess it wasn’t that bad in the end?


What I’ve learnt with this list

Well it did help me to revisit a lot of things I’ve enjoyed over the years, like books, music, photos, moments and that’s quite important. Also recently I’ve been putting together 30 photos for 30 years with the help of my parents who went to check all our old albums! A big thank you for your patience!
Sometimes looking back can be quite a journey and an important one to do.

I used to be really shy, with no confidence whatsoever in me. Over the years I’ve grown quite a lot and started to appreciate the things which I find really strong about me. My characters. Beauty will fade away one day, but all I am will stay with me. It’s my personality that captivates people. Over the years I’ve discovered the power of being nice to others, you get something back in the end (unless someone decides to be an ass!!!) And I’ve kept the child in me alive, I still play, I still make jokes, I take each opportunity I can to smile and look at the bright side of things. After all I’m Lilly the silly (in a good way…. I think) I still lack of confidence and ambition, but do I really want to change that much? There’s always room for improvement, such has make an effort to be more lady-like! hahahahaha

For the next 5 years

I want to work less and have a bit of a more stable life. I want to enjoy more time at home with him. I want to make long trip holidays which I never did in my life! I want to live healthier live more and get some social life back. Really just to want the time to enjoy all I’ve managed to achieve, which I never thought I would!

Thank you for following me on this 30 days journey 🙂

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