.: 2014 – Looking backwards :.

Yes it’s that time of the year and even though it’s quite cheesy I do like to look back in terms of what happened this year. Just had a look back into my objectives book (I also had a blog post) – which we write together every 31st December and I have to say I wasn’t very successful. Most of it was to try to spend more time at home, and I haven’t really managed to do that 😦 So easy to know what my 2015 goal will be.

I have to say though a lot happened this year. I finally got promoted, I resigned on the same week as I’ve decided that far more important than a career was quality time at home with those we love. I still travel but it’s within the same country and I work a lot less than I used to. So I guess if for nothing else, this year I’ve learned a precious lesson. It may look harder to say yes it’s even harder to say no. A friend told me these words: “Don’t work harder, just work smarter!” and I guess this was a value lesson from 2014!

I’ve also learnt the value of being nice. Smile to people, be polite. I felt better by doing so and realise other people were smiling too. I say “have a good day” so often it’s become part of my vocabulary now, but I really mean it. Sometimes we just need to keep it simple.

It was also quite a foodie year. I’ve been visiting lots of new restaurants in London and Bristol and created my account on Zomato, which has even encouraged me to explore further 🙂 Also, because it’s so easy to get nice food in Bristol I’ve been eating quite a lot of fish and soups again! Yummy! Who would ever say I would miss fish this much?

Books in 2014: 17 /12 – Mission accomplished

Travel – It wasn’t a good start, but I guess I managed to recover pretty well at the end of the year

What was your major moment from 2014? What have you learnt?


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