.: Sound of music – 2014 list :.

I know I know, I’m creating another list! But I really had to share the best songs / groups I’ve been listening in 2014. Since I know myself I always love listening to music and discovering new things to listen. My mom says when she was still pregnant I was moving at the sound of music in her belly. Cute 🙂

Top 15 Artists from 2014 (Sponsored by LastFM)

  • Dream Theater – even though I don’t like their recent works as much, they are still our favourite band 😀 The best song from 2014 was Illumination Theory – such a master piece!

  • Anathema – I’ve been into a few concerts already and I really love them! This year they’ve also released a new album, and the best song for me is Anathema. So beautiful

  • Blackfield – The first 3 albuns were really nice, not anymore though. But we still listen to the old works, like My gift of silence

  • Nightwish – Nightwish will always be in my top lists. I’ve started to listen to it somewhere in 2003 or 2004, when a friend told me I would love it. And I do! Hopefully the new albuns will be good

  • Special mention to Tuomas Holopainen (from Nightwish) who released quite a dreamy album.

  • Did you know that Nigthwish released a video in 2012 called Imaginarium? It’s pretty cool. I’ve only seen it this year

  • Within Temptation – After Nightwish it’s another band I really enjoy, although again I believe their works are not as strong as the older works. It sounds they’ve become a bit more commercial, but I like them anyway. Love the concept of their albums. End of last year they’ve released a single with Tarja (ex-Nightwish)

  • Woodkid – This was probably my greatest discovery of 2014, it’s a shame I didn’t know him before! The songs are so different from everything else, just love it

  • Lindsey Stirling – All of us love Lindsey, especially my dad. Her videos are so amazing and so heartfull. I didn’t had a chance to see her yet, but hopefully I will

  • Keiko Matsui – I love her music! Dreamy

  • Jasmine Thompson (TantrumJas) – I’ve started following her on her youtube channel. This lovely lady from London has such an emotional voice. Every cover she does she transforms it completely and normally I end up preferring the cover 🙂 Here’s a good video below (Jasmin covering Birdy – which I also love!)

  • This year she was also the invited guest for a Robin Schulz song

  • Angra – It’s a band that both of us love, mostly for their old songs, although they have surprised us this year with the song below

  • Muse – I like their songs even though the singing part sometimes is not as strong as it could be, many times it all looks the same regardless of the song hahahaha. But they have pretty amazing sounds

  • Ivy & Gold – This was another discovery from this year. Not sure many of you will know it, but I really like it. It’s not something you’ll hear on the radio 🙂 They only have EPs so far, but they’re also available on Spotify

  •  Spock’s Beard – It’s funny that’s Spock’s is in the list but not Flying Colors, guess that’s because there’s only 2 Flying Colors albums so far. Both bands have the Morse brothers as founders.

Some of the top songs:

  • Plan B – She said – He’s fed up with this song by now, but I love the sound! I listen to this song regularly while having my shower and dance in the bathroom hahahaha

  • Birdy – Strange birds – I love her voice and this is one of my fav

  • Paper Aeroplanes – Little Letters – Same as above, I love this song and the video too!

  • Aurea – Nothing left to say – Love her voice too! Here’s to a south Portuguese voice 🙂

  • Christina Aguillera – Say Something – This is such a moving video!!!!

What have you been listening to this year?

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