.: Relaxing :.

Happy new year 🙂
Have you started any new year resolution so far?

As today it was such a miserable cloudy and rainy day we’ve decided to stay indoors and I can tell you, there was lots of food 😀


Oven-baked pasta with ham, Chorizo & Mozarella

And while I was cleaning the kitchen he baked bread 😀


And now I’m feeling grumpy as my holidays are gone and Monday I’m back to work 😦 Anyone else feeling the same?


4 thoughts on “.: Relaxing :.

  1. Great post with lost of good ideas. My food spending would be high and lots more than the rule of thumb. The gum membership one is a good idea there are ways to get fit that are a lot cheaper Lucy

    • Hi Lucy, yes indeed, trouble is either I find something close to home where I can easily go, or I know I won’t be going anywhere hahahaha Thanks for your comment! I’m quite happy that I was able to give some cooking ideas to someone, my whole family would be impressed with that too 🙂 Wish you a lovely weekend

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