.: And so the voice begins :.

For those of you that are following the blog for longer you will know that I’m quite a fan of the Voice UK, which just started now. We had a few really good ones tonight.

Stevie McCrorie

A lovely voice that matches his personality (you would have to see the full video to understand what I mean). It was genuine and I loved it, and gosh he’s hot!

Stephen McLaughlin

Such a cutie! Seriously he has a great presence and a great control over his voice. Sometimes the high notes felt like he was screaming a bit, but overall really good

Hannah Symons

She’s quite unique really. When she started it was perfect, then the high notes I think she needs to work on them, but she’s a diamond really. I was impressed that she wrote the song. It’s hard to sing as Becky Hill (a former contestant)

I prefer her tone in her original song below


Really emotional this one! Perfect choice in going with Will.



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