.: About dating websites :.

I was just watching this documentary on telly (yap watching TV in the hotel) about people that for physical or medical conditions struggle to find someone.
We’ll I used to think that dating websites were for desperate people that had not a strong personally and just wanted to find someone for a night out, but after living in London I actually get it.

Isn’t it impressive that in one of the biggest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world you can feel so disconnected and alone?


I feel that in little things. Yes while you have a lot to do people seem to be very superficial, politically correct rather than genuine. Every time I take notice of people and I smile, I thank them and wish them a good day they seem so surprised and they seem eager to tell their story.

So back to the dating websites I guess I understand why people may need help to meet new people. It doesn’t even mean from a romantic perspective but just meet people you can call friends and connect so you have a sense of belonging. It’s hard to achieve that if you go to the pub with your colleagues and go clubbing.

Who didn’t felt alone in London can through the first stone. We did! Even though we had a few friends from back home we felt alone many times. It’s not easy to cross the city for more than 1h every weekend so you will only see them occasionally. I miss the times where I could pick my phone and within 1h would be with some friends either in a local bar or in someone’s house. Yes we do invite people over! (I’ll write a different post on this topic later)

The best way to meet people is through your existing friends or at work. If that’s not working you can join meetups of topics you like. For example I’ve join a few for photography or the jazz evenings in Richmond because that’s where I live. It’s worth having a look. Also you can join some classes like cooking, sports, whatever you like.

So yes lesson for me, don’t be so judgemental!

Any thoughts you would like to share on the topic? Did you ever felt alone when moving to a different place?

Wish you a lovely week

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