.: It’s all about that gin :.

How was your weekend? Mine was quite nice, we had a lunch yesterday with some friends in my flat and today we went to another friend’s house for a lovely sunday roast 😀 So haven’t done much blogging or photography for the matter.

I was just disappointed with the weather as the forecast was saying it could snow in London – I even bother to put the alarm clock at the time they’ve said it could snow just to get disappointed and not even see a flake!!!

One of the classic drinks we tend to have when having a lunch with friends is gin tonic. Both of us love gin tonic for a while. I still remember my dad saying that when he was young and he didn’t know what to order he would go for a gin tonic. It was only once I’ve started working in London and having work events that I’ve joined the gin & tonic club.

Before I realised I was having gin & tonic in a big portion of my BA flights, and he started to do the same.

Gin & Tonic for seat 7A please!

Nowadays if we want a drink at home, we both love gin & tonic.

Normally people love Bombay

We’ve tried the premium version, which I felt it was a bit too sweet

We love Hendrick’s – it’s the ultimate dry gin!

And Gordon’s

Here’s a sexy shot taken by him

And this summer I’ve tried Bulldog, which I now love as well.

It seems Gin is quite popular in Portugal right now. It’s the trendy drink! There’s lot of speciality bars and an amazing shop too called Gin Lovers. Looking forward for a visit.

And then it comes the best gin I ever had, a Portuguese one, which my sister offered to me this christmas

Sooo good!!!

I’m looking forward to try out new gins! Love gin with cinnamon or with cucumber.

Do you like gin? What’s your favourite?

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