.: Weekly Photo projects :.

Hello everyone,
How is the week going? Here in uk it’s still quite freezing!

I was just reading this article from “Digical Camera Review magazine” and I was wondering if any of you was doing any photography project. I’ve decided end of last year that when the year finishes I want to consolidate our best photos and go a photography book for us. I have started the template but that was pretty much it.

I know some of you may be doing the 365 challenge which I find quite challenging!!! I take photos almost every day – mobile photos included – but I guess I can’t commit to a daily challenge (yet!) – but will want to try at some stage. If you want to get inspired you can check Miss Twiggs photos, she just finished her project!

Gorgeous aren’t they?

So I’ve decided to start the 52 week challenge. 1 challenge a week should be manageable. Without realizing I’ve been doing precisely that!

Week 1 – My first photo with a tripod

Week 2 – Black & White Light (Brighton)

Week 3 – Still Life 

Week 4 – 50mm Black and White (Richmond)

Are you doing any photo project?

Wish you a lovely evening

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