.: Week 5 – Chinon 50mm 1.7 :.

Yap, the toughest challenge so far.

I fell in love with old lens after watching this video

And recently we’ve bought the Chinon 50mm 1.7

It’s such a small lens, but the bokeh quality is really good. All the photos get quite a charismatic look BUT it’s really hard to get any decent photo. Reason being is that you have to do everything manually and worst of all, I don’t even know if the result is going to be good or not, even if it all seems ok in the viewfinder. So it’s quite a tough exercise to get any decent photos, but it does make you think before you photograph and it makes me go back to basis as well and rely less on the 100 buttons and functionalities on my camera. My best results so far:

My canon lens collection


Something I’ve noticed on the wall

A bottle in the wall

Lamps… I do photograph them a lot

More wall

This one was looking amazing in the viewfinder… not as much in the final result

Did you ever tried to play with an old lens in a digital camera? Any thoughts?

Wish you all a lovely weekend



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