.: A journey through cork :.

Inspiring Mondays


This Monday I’m in love with… cork!

You may wonder why am I in love with cork. Cork after all reminds me of wine. A good bottle of wine will have cork stopper and not just some plastic, so the wine can touch the cork and get an enhanced flavour.

I would actually love to start collecting all the corks and create something a bit more creative with them.

Want some ideas?

Did you know that…. Portugal produces 50% of the worldwide cork production?

But cork in Portugal has also a completely new dimension for the past years. Innovative brands like Pelcor have given a brand new meaning to what cork can do:

One of each for this table please!

And wait, there’s more! There’s actually a very famous hotel in Alentejo – for me the best wine region in the world šŸ™‚ – (ECork Hotel) made out of cork. It’s actually the first hotel in the world of its kind.

Can hardly wait for a stay here šŸ˜€

So yes, I’m in love with Cork! Any inspirations you would like to share this Monday?



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