.: Surrounded by people… yet… alone :.

I think I wrote here already the effect of solitude even if you are surrounded by people all the time. I have had this feeling myself a couple of years ago. That powerful feeling that no one seems to notice you or who you are. No one cares. I think this is a feeling that it’s getting stronger and stronger, enhanced by the modern age of internet. Yes we have facebook and twitter accounts, we e-Exist yet we forget those real relationships, the physical touch (and power) of a hug, of a touching hands.

In recent years I have been trying to take notice of people, I smile, I say hi in the supermarket, I thank people and they seem to smile back, they actually get surprised that someone stopped the running and just said hello I recognize you are a human being and I’m wishing you a good day.

I guess no one would like to end up alone, all of us want to believe that if we would disappear tomorrow someone will notice. Not just our families but also the friends who care about us. Yet… for some people it doesn’t work out.

Again guilty year, but not that long ago I was so focused in my own work, that I was gradually unplugging myself from real life. I barely saw my friends, I barely spoke with my family. It felt I had a social life because I was going out with colleagues (and now friends) from work. But was that for real? Thankfully I live with someone by my side who cares and pushed me back to reality. So did my friends: you can’t carry on like that any longer. And I couldn’t. Thankfully I had them, but what if I didn’t?

A few years ago there was this story of a lady called Joyce. She was only found in her apartment 3 years after her death. So yes it is real. It does happen and it’s striking sad…

I will watch this documentary, if for nothing else, just as a constant reminder that we should not unplug ourselves from live, that we should value every moment with have with the people that matter.

I actually found out this documentary, because it was the inspiration for Steven Wilson‘s new album: Hand cannot erase

Did you had this feeling before? Do you know someone that did?

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