.: Things that only happen to me :.

What a week!!! I don’t even know where to start.

Monday I woke up at 05h30 to catch the train the Bristol and ended up working until 00h00 (oh well! fortunately it’s the exception and not the rule any more). Tuesday it was a crazy day at work but finished up with a nice dinner with our Bristol Portuguese network, and it was quite a lovely Bristol.

Seems promising so far doesn’t it? So now let the mess start. I originally booked the trip to return on Thursday, but as a workshop had been booked for Thursday morning in London I’ve cancelled my room and changed train tickets. But then the workshop got postponed and on Tuesday evening a workshop was booked instead for Bristol on Thursday. Nether less to say I couldn’t get the Marriott any more, not even the Ibis! The only place available was the Travelodge. I know it’s not great, but at least the bed is comfortable, so I’ll be able to have a good night sleep anyway (or so I thought!).

Wednesday we had some work drinks, so only managed to get some food at 22h10. This time went for pizzas and they were really tasty. Then the party begun. I couldn’t even get into the hotel. I could see the reception and there was someone at the reception (I believe I was ignored) but couldn’t get in as the door was locked. There was no sign on how to get in. Finally saw a reflection of another door on the back of the building. Eventually managed to reach it and check in.

After 3 pints of Guinness (which I had before dinner – for those of you that know me, I normally barely drink 1 pint, as I’m a slow drinker!) I was having headache, so couldn’t fall asleep immediately. Eventually I did.

Then a loud bang on the door (was that my door?, no clue!). Because I woke up scared my heart started to beat really fast, and it didn’t help that I was hearing an angry (and drunk?) man outside and trying to smash the door. I was thinking if I should call the police, but I was hoping that eventually it would stop. Also as there was no phone next to the bed, couldn’t call reception. So I waited, but the shouting kept on going.

“Mate I’ve paid the room let me in!”
“No! Go away! Last time I’ve let you in you’ve smashed the room!”
“But I have my stuff inside, let me in”
“Go away!”

Then he left for a bit, and the moment I was falling asleep again, he was back. And more shouting from the corridor and from inside the room. No one from reception came (I didn’t notice it!). This kept for the whole night. It felt like the guy was going out for a bit, having some drinks and then getting back more aggressive. By a certain stage I’m sure my head was going in circles and it wasn’t the Guinness!

At what I believe were like 05a.m someone from the hotel finally reached the room and told the guys to shut up or else they would have to be removed. They didn’t stop so someone came back and eventually it all stopped. I fell asleep for something like 1h and then it was time to wake up and get back to work. Oh gosh, my head! Managed to have a shower and get ready to leave. I was refunded £50 and they gave me a nice breakfast but I was feeling exhausted.

Thursday was also the day I was going to have a 5h non stop workshop. After a few coffees I managed to go through it quite ok, except that just before I had to go to the station my stomach started to ache. Seriously!

Today I was supposed to have gone to the office, but totally gave up on it and decided to work from home. And now I wonder, why all of this things happen to me? Some people seem to have quite a quiet life 😦


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