.: The Voice UK :.

I know, I know, the voice UK again, but you see I really love music. My mum says even before I was born I would react to music in her belly. Though part is I can’t sing, I can’t really play anything just like writing and listening to music non stop!

Sharing my favourite moments so far and leaving the best for the end: The Battle.

The lovely young ladies

Morven Brown


Such a rose indeed, I love this performance!


This girl has loads of energy

Olivia & Clark

I love what Clark did to this song, and Olivia’s porcelain’s voice is quite something too

Special ones


I love her quite a lot, not just for the voice, but for the whole package, she’s quite unique! And she’s the one who actually wrote this song!

The Opera

Yap, the voice has seen a few Opera singers and I’m glad they are coming to the show. I love classical music, not necessarily a fan of Opera, but love a gorgeous operatic voice. Seriously do!


Hard to believe she didn’t go through, I could ear her sing all day. Have a look into the video below


Same as Annelies, she didn’t go through, which is a shame!

The best moment of it all, hats of for the ice-cream lady

Absolutely gorgeous moment! Hats off!


One thought on “.: The Voice UK :.

  1. claro que o nando’s não é português xD estava a ser irónica! Contudo, eu até gosto do frango lá e adoro levar lá pessoal amigo que vem cá visitar porque ficam com a mesma cara com que eu fiquei quando fui a primeira vez xD ahahahah

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