.: Powerless :.

Lady in the rain

If only I could hold you in my arms and tell you it will all be ok,
If only I could be there with you right now, hold your hand and cross the road together with you!
I know you feel powerless, that there’s nothing for you to show, nothing left for you to hold
I know that you feel that everyone is so much better than you and all you’re good at is… making mistakes and never learning
Oh if you would only see what I see, if only I could show it to you
You’re like a diamond in the sky, waiting to be polished
You’re energy that never stops and makes me smile
You never give up when you know you’re protecting someone so why give up on yourself?
You’re actually an inspiration to me because you always dare to do things I would never do
Because you’re fearless and you don’t hold back
So don’t stop now! It’s not the time for that
Everyone falls, the magic is learning how to get up and carry forward
You need to be strong, we all have to, it’s part of growing up
Even if you feel powerless, even if you feel there’s nothing left for you to hold
But I’m here for you, every single day along your journey
But it’s also time for you to dare again, to be radical and risk it all
It’s time for you to pick up all your pieces, glue them together and face the journey ahead
After all, even in powerless, there is power and that power has never left you
It’s there for you to grab it and hold it

Hakuna Matata đŸ™‚

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