.: Are you a gin lover? :.

I certainly am! (You can see my previous gin post here)
We’ve started drinking gin in the airport, but it’s also a drink which is so easy to drink and if I don’t fancy anything else this is it. But, more recently we’ve started to explore new gins and we both love it. First it was the Portuguese Snow Dog (which is absolutely great!) and a few local ones. I follow a couple of gin blogs / websites so I’m sure I have the latest news.

One of those places is Gin Lovers in Chiado, Lisboa. The store itself is beautifully decorated and they have a huge collection of gin, botanic and other gorgeous accessories.

Beautiful store


I have to buy the glasses

Gin Glass

The best part for me is that you can try the gins, including the Portuguese gins. This time I had:

* Gina – very similar to Gordon’s but with a nicer taste


* Tangerine – Doesn’t taste like gin at all, it’s seems an entirely different drink

* Sharish – Which we loved as well

Sharish limited edition

* NAO – Outstanding! This was the bottle we’ve brought home. It’s made in Port Barrels and the word that comes to my mind is “exquisite” (or in portuguese requintado!)

NAO – A premium gin

They also organise regular gin workshops, next time I need to try one!

Do you like gin? Which one is your favourite?

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