.: Inspiring looks :.

It’s cloudy and raining, so feels perfect just to blog around, listen to music and get inspired with some looks:

The trench
I love a good looking trench coat, it’s a shame the period of time I can actually wear on is so short (either it’s too cold, or it becomes too hot)

Love the shoes as well, they look classy and comfortable. Yap, this is definitely my look!

Black & White

Yes, my favourite colour combination of all times! I wear a lot of Black & White

I wish I had legs for this Look

Love love the skirt, but being 5 feet 2 inches, it’s a look I can’t wear

Here’s another example

Soft tones

Perfect when the spring finally comes. It may be 30 degrees in Lisbon, but it’s rainy andbelow 10 in London!

A touch of colour

Need to get one of these colourful blazers

Mint dress

I so love this dress

Cork bag

What do you have on your wishlist? Any inspiring look you would like to share?


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