.: Inspiring Saturdays :.

It’s a sunny Saturday but as I’ve started to pack I’m feeling a bit sad. It’s hard to realise I’m leaving this place, this house, this home! We love being here, but oh well

So just sharing a few things that inspire me today:

Yap, this quote makes a lot of sense to me. This is something I’m trying to live by. Rather than waiting for big moments and exciting surprises, I’m trying to enjoy all the little things from a daily perspective. A smile, a hug, that gorgeous sunset you’ve almost missed 🙂

Minimalistic Home

If I ever buy a house / flat this is the style I would love to have. Quite minimal and soft colours 🙂

Alentejo Houses

It’s my favourite areas in the world! Beautiful landscape, gorgeous coast, lovely white houses and the best wine 😀


Finally here 🙂

Inspiring Portraits

I really love this portrait, it’s certainly one of the best portraits I’ve seen in  while

You can visit Gianstefano’s Photos here.

Amazing sounds

Such as this video. So beautiful

Beautiful colours

Like this photo

We are in Blue

Any inspirations you would like to share?


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