.: Live a life you will remember :.

Today while we were at a brunch with some friends, he received the sad news that a friend had passed away. It was a shock for him as the guys was not even 30, so it felt like life can change in a matter of seconds. It’s a thought I have more and more these days, is this what they call growing up?

For me it means take life less seriously and try to smile as you go along. It means enjoying every single moment, including the small ones rather than keep on waiting for big things. It also means dare more and do things you wouldn’t even consider doing. You know that trip you’ve always wanted to do but never had the company to? Then pack your bags and go! It also means thinking twice before spending your life at a job you no longer identify with. Yes we need to pay our bills and there’s a lot of responsibility to be taken care of, but sometimes you just carry on because it’s what you know, because it’s the safe choice. I’m sure there must be a way of doing something you would enjoy a bit more, even if it means earning less. Here I’m speaking for those that live for the career. What if you only had tomorrow, would you still be doing what you are doing or would you dare trying something you would enjoy a bit better? I know what I would do, and certainly isn’t travel every week and having no time for myself.

Try to live a life you identify with, and do the things you will regret not having done in a few years time. Every moment matters 🙂


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