.: Lazy Monday :.

Ahhh nothing better than a bank holiday to extend the weekend 😀

We’ve just returned last night from a weekend away in Cornwall, so now have loads of photos to check. The advantage of being at home is that you can cook and enjoy your kitchen a bit more, which is what I’ve been doing:

Lunch – Salmon with lemon sauce and mash potato & boiled eggs

And need to add fresh coriander from our mini garden 😀

We was trying to make a smile in my mash hahahahahah Drink: Bulldog’s Gin Tonic. Love this gin, so easy to drink

Then a few photos later, I started fancying some pancakes, so just stopped everything and went to prepare some:

Nigella recipe available here. (He says he prefers the Jamie Oliver version here)

I can’t recommend La Chambre Aux enough! I bought this on my trip to Lille, and have been saving them. This one is the strawberry & mint jam, so good and perfect! We had nutella on the table as well, and we didn’t even touched it, so yes, that good!


Wish you all a great week ahead!


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