.: What do you do when… :.

What do you do when you’re supposed to be the strong one?
What do you do when the energy you have left seems to be fading away?
What are you supposed to do when you simply can’t take no more
And just want to lay down your head close your eyes and let it all go
What do you do when it feels you can’t even say it, when it feels that no one can help out?
You feel like screaming inside, a silent scream that no one can hear
Tired… oh you feel so tired that you can no longer think straight
There’s no Plan B this time
When you spend all your time trying to find solutions for problems
What are you supposed to do when you’re the main problem?
And you can’t move
You look into the empty space
Into the emptiness you feel and wander what to do next
Only if you could sleep a long long sleep
No sound, no voices, no worries, and most above all, no more pretending
Same as everyone else you need to be able to recognise you need help
That it’s time to slow down and just rest
Maybe someone can carry you on their back while you rest your tired soul
But you can’t do that, can you? It’s stronger than you, even without energy
Even without the will to carry on somehow you feel you must
You drag one feet slowly after another
Your tired eyes still try to focus on the journey ahead
You even avoid any mirrors because you’re afraid of what you may be able to find
Someone that doesn’t resemble the one you believe you are
A ghost of who you once were and are still trying to be
But what if… the solution is simply for you to let it all break
Let it all go down to the ground
Stop trying, stop pretending you’re strong when you’re not
Stop being so hard on yourself
Do what everyone else does and rest
And just for once, let the solution find you


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