.: Power Dressing :.

I’ve read an article once that said something in the lines of: “Don’t dress for the position you have, dress for the position you want to have.” And while I’ll defend that what we look like or what we dress or how we look like, personality should come first, the truth is it does matter, especially if you’re a lady in a corporate world.

It’s not just your personality that contributes to the first impressions, in fact it will be mostly what you’re dressing. It doesn’t need to be all expensive clothing, but it needs to be neat and presentable, then you can shine with your personality.

For many people this is a no-brainer, it’s quite natural to them to dress well, it’s not for me. I try to look simple and professional as most as I can. I wear zero make up and rarely any high heels. Since I travel quite a lot, I can’t get used to carry to pairs of shoes – the flats and the high heels. Even while I’m in the office I keep on moving between buildings and meeting rooms, it hurts having high heels! So yes I tend to be quite practical, more then feminine and tend not to care about the looks.

But I admit, I’m wrong and I wish I was more classy by nature.

How I normally dress


Here’s a few examples for inspiration (and I wish I had legs for some of the outfits below):



What’s your personal style? Do you find it easy to look chic?



2 thoughts on “.: Power Dressing :.

  1. Hell yes how a woman dresses for business matters, hell it matters for men as well but you don’t hear men being referred to as dressing like a street walker ever, just a thought that jumped into my head.

    • I totally agree with you. I couldn’t care less what others think, even if I know that actually that matters. But what I’ve noticed is that I might feel more empowered by what I’m dressing, it can boost your own confidence.

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