.: Petite dressing :.

How many of you have heard something in the lines of: “You already know that type of skirt doesn’t suit you, you’re too small for it!”

Every single time. I’m part of the petite club. I’m a 5”2 (1.58cm) and I struggle to buy clothing, mostly bottoms that don’t need to be amended. Some clever people will learn how to fix their own clothing like a few amazing bloggers I follow, but that’s not my case….
Also, sometimes fashion might be in your favour and it will be easier to find clothing that suits your body, other times that’s not the case. Also, by petite doesn’t mean your really thin and small, it just means you’re smaller than the average.


Seriously, I think big chains like Mango, Zara and so on must use models like 5”8 (1.80m) or something.

I’m trying to buy a dress for a wedding, and as 99% of them are made for 5”8 – just above the knee, it means it almost ends in my feet and I look terrible. Something like this:

I wish I could do these amendments myself without ruining the dress!

Inspiring petite bloggers

Some tips

  • Little Black dress – Does magic all the time for any size to be honest, but if you are a curvy petite type like I am, even better! The best fit would be just like the one below because it pushes your waist up, essentially gives an effect of extending your legs.

I went like this to the office today, felt really chic! (from Laredoute.co.uk)

  • High waist – Go high waist, again it extends your legs! This is valid both in trousers, shorts or skirts. You can even wear midi-skirts

Brands for Petites:

  • Jeetly – exclusively for petites
  • Next – Although I don’t find they have such a big collection, but that’s where I end up buying trousers, which mostly are available in black… we like other colours too!
  • Banana Republic – Again not a very big selection, although it’s very good on dresses

Are you a petite size as well? Any tips you would like to share?


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