.: A broken lens and a whole new perspective :.

One of the street photographers I admire the most is Marius, simply because I totally love his style and because he managed to achieve quite a lot just putting effort and love into it.

Here’s a few samples

Recently I saw a post on his blog where he describes what happened to a $1600 lens, whereas most of us would cry like a baby (I certainly would since I find $500 already quite expensive!)

But he took a whole new approach which I find truly inspiring, check out the video

Isn’t it just amazing? Also the topic is quite a powerful one. The best photography for me is the one that tells the story and captures the moment even if it’s not technically perfect! This is the art I want to perfect, telling a story through a photo.

To follow his blog and check his work click here.

Any inspiring stories you would like to share? Which photographers inspire you the most and why?

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