.: Time is running out :.

For some reason this has been the thought in my head for the whole of my week. Maybe because I was inspired by my trip to Lake District  and now have the feeling I’m missing out and I’m just wasting time doing the wrong things

Somehow it just feels wrong, like I’m wasting my time 
Not really sure where to go
Or even where to seek for help
Somehow I just know it’s wrong and I’m wasting my time
Doing things I shouldn’t bother to do in first place
And leaving behind moments I will never have back
Grain by grain, time moves on and somehow I’m staying behind
Waiting for something to happen and change it all
Waiting that I’ll be able to find the answer
Before time runs out, before it becomes too late
I wish I just knew what the answer is
How can I make most of my life and just stop wasting time
Somehow I know I’m trapped into an infinite pendulum
Being pushed from one side to the other
Never having the chance to realise I’m in a spinning wheel
That goes faster and faster 
And my energy is being dragged
And all I had left is lost behind
All I wish is to stop time so I could just rest
Lay in the grass looking into the sky and counting the clouds moving on
Yes, I wish time was going slowly
I could feel at ease, and rested
But time doesn’t stop… and I’m just wasting my time


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