The walls are closing in

When you feel all the walls around you are closing in
And your heart feels so tight that it hurts
When you feel there’s probably there’s no way out
Or even if there was, you no longer have the strength to carry on
Even if you could escape, where would you go? Where would you run to?
You don’t even know, do you?

All you want is to hide away, somewhere so far no one can reach you
No one can touch you
And no other voices around you
Just the sound of the wind, caressing your tired skin
Just the touch of the falling water in your fingertips
Just a bit of sunlight in your face, when your eyes feel they no longer recognise the light
And the silence…. oh that gorgeous silence when everything feels peaceful and quiet
When you feel that if you reach your arms you can grab the clouds
And all the weight in your shoulders suddenly disappearing

But that would be a dream…
You dread waking up every morning, simply because your so tired you don’t feel you have the energy to get up
Some days you feel so exhausted that you just want to cry without even understanding why
An anxiety from within that doesn’t go away
And the despair that you feel knowing this isn’t right but you don’t know what to do
And while the walls close a bit further you feel trapped inside
Almost as if you are losing your mind, and leaving all your senses behind
What have you done so wrong? What was the choice that led you here
And why does it feel there’s no way out
Only if you had the guts to leave it all and break free
But the weight of the responsibility you carry in your shoulders
The need you feel of being the strength for all of those around you
If only someone could hold you tight so you could feel safe
So you could send all the walls down and let is all go and finally feel free
After all you’re just breaking apart….


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