.: 7 years of a blog :.

Ups, I’ve missed this blog’s birthday which was 13th September back in 2008. But I have to admit until I moved to London, 5 years ago, I wasn’t really paying much attention to blogging back then. I wish I had cared a bit more.

It’s been quite a journey so far and in the meantime the roll of blogs has grown:

  • Miss Lilly’s Blog – My random blog and the first one, which I use to share whatever comes to my mind, either random words, topics of interest, fashion, music, you name it! Anything which isn’t related to the other blogs will be here. I guess it’s also the one I hold dear because it feels more personal. No topic to be followed, just whatever comes to my mind. It’s quite refreshing to have a space where you can write whatever you want isn’t it? I could choose not to share any of it, but if there’s someone out there that might connect through my words then why not?
  • Miss Lilly’s Journeys – There’s a reason why I don’t call it travel, as travel normally implies you’re going away from home either to the city next door or to different countries. I don’t consider myself a travel blogger, but as someone who likes to explore either my own backyard (well, I live in London so that’s a tiny one, but you get the picture), my own city as well as new places within UK or away. Therefore this includes mostly restaurants, walks and lots of photos. I’ve decided to create a separate blog as this was mostly of what I was writing about, but as I also wanted to keep a space for my own thoughts I’ve split up the 2. Note: This blog is exactly 1 year old!
  • To Be Blamed – This is quite a special blog because it started at work in a conversation with a friend. In the world of projects and management, there tends to be a term quite commonly used: SPOC which stands for single point of contact. Normally this means the one to be blamed if things go wrong (yes this is where the name comes from). It’s quite different from everything else I write about and tends to me more work focused / management topics. I don’t write often because I want to ensure the content stays consistent and I don’t always have inspiration to write on this one, especially given the backlog of photos I have for my main blogs.
  • Tandem Snaps – This is the baby blog and it started because we’ve both started to take photos together and since he’s lazy maintaining any blog whatsoever, I write the most and share his photos as well.

So yes, it’s been quite a journey. I have to admit I spend hours reading other blogs, there’s so many good bloggers out there even people that make it a living (who would have thought back in 2008). I still smile every time I have a comment on my blog, means someone was not only reading my text but also took some time to reply back.

So why do I blog?
Simply because I like it and while I do I’ll continue around 🙂

Do you read any of my other blogs? Any feedback you would like to share to keep you reading?


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