.: Going sabbatical :.

Right…. this is it. I’m seriously considering taking a sabbatical.
Before I jump in the reasons why or what I would plan on doing, let me just say that taking any unpaid time off is completely against my personality and my culture as well. Barely anyone in Portugal could be able to afford to do such a thing, so I’ve been educated in considering my job seriously and doing whatever it takes to stay there. Even moving between jobs was badly perceived in my family.

But I’m reaching a tipping point. I though I was tired before but I guess after 5 years of sleeping always away from home, all the commuting and the high levels of stress most of the time (and again a main caveat which is most of it it’s my own fault, as I take ownership and responsibility when sometimes I should, and should just delegate). But I’m cracking now. It’s quite a step for me to admit it, but I’m really losing the plot. It feels like hell waking up on a Monday morning, I leave the office at 22h swearing and blaming myself for being so stupid and keeping working harder rather than smarter. So I guess I really need proper time off, not the random 1 or 2 weeks. Ever since I’ve started working I never took more than 3 weeks off, not even between jobs (Yeah yeah I know, how stupid is that). Not even when I moved between countries.

So this is something that we’ve started talking at home. We’re now seriously considering taking 2 months off and do our dream travel, go a few weeks to Portugal and get back. This is something that only started to take shape now, and we still need to wait to see what’s happening around us with our jobs to understand if we can do it or not (his project is about to finish so we need to wait a bit to understand what’s going on), but I wish I could go right now!!!

I know most people take at least 6 months and ideally 1 year, but as I’ve said, it’s already very though for me to think that I will be 2 months without any income, 6 months it’s too crazy, moreover I can’t afford travel all over the world, so just the chance to do my dream travel makes me smile already.

Where do I want to go?

Japan!!! We speak about going to Japan one day almost ever since we’ve started dating, and that was more than 10 years ago, so it’s a long wait. It just happens to be one of the most expensive places in the world to travel. Second place is Vietnam. So the plan is something on the lines of:

London > Tokyo (3 days) > Kyoto (3 days) > Hanoi (6 days) > London > 4 days at home doing nothing > Lisbon (2 or 3 weeks) and the rest of the time to be back home doing nothing again and just look back at the pictures and wish I was back

Just for the flights I need lots of money, but I’m counting on saving points from the hotel to be able to pay for my stay in Japan with Marriott Points.

Some pictures for inspiration





And the food!!!

There’s quite a big chance that I wouldn’t be able to do any of that. I hope the winds help me out here and next year around April / May I’m out!



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