.: Stop pretending :.

In today’s world they sell you happiness and for some reason everyone feels obliged to feel happy all the time
And if for one moment you can’t take the “think positive” and all your worries will disappear and fade away
If for that moment you just feel like letting yourself go down on your knees and just feel sad and hopeless
That’s because you’re wrong and you can’t fit in
So let’s all pretend, it’s all butterflies and unicorns and you are happy
Pretend your smile is real
Pretend your tears are not feeling and you’re just crying because you feel happy
When did all went to mad you can’t speak whatever comes to your heart?
Why can’t you stop pretending, leave your bags on the floor run and scream and shout
And let it all go
At what point did you stop recognising yourself in the mirror?
At what point did you aged so much you don’t recognise that tired smile looking back at you?
What was the point where pretending mattered more than what you feel?
I say just let it all go, all your worries all the agony you feel inside
Open the window and let it all fly away from you
If you feel tired just rest your tired body on the couch
If you feel like crying then cry
Just let it all go


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