.: No more waiting :.

So many things left unsaid
So many dreams left undone
And you wait, you keep on waiting for the right time
The right time to say I love you
The right time to say I miss you
But the right time never comes and you wait
You wait for the rain to stop falling
You wait for the sun to shine again
You wait for warmer days
And then it feels you wait for ever
And the opportunity escapes through your fingers
But what if one day you would stop waiting and would open the door and go
If you pack your bag and follow the road you never tried before
What if one day there’s no more excuse to keep on waiting and you’ll just go
And sing in the rain
Cherish that moment when freedom is all you need
And you will run with your bare feet on the water
And you will hug those you love and say it there and then
“Why did I had to wait for so long?”
– Welcome back my old friend, I’m glad we’re all together again!
Suddenly nothing else will matter
Just living, just daring to do
When the dreams become a reality that you can hold
When every moment along the way matters
What are you waiting for?


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