.: A few thoughts :.

While logging on my computer last Friday to give my sister happy birthday, I noticed all that was going on. In fact it was my dad that told me first and I was shocked. I was just near the 9/11 memorial a few hours before. I was disturbed, couldn’t let the news go to understand what was going on. Apart from the question of why, my thought is for how long will this carry on until something is done? How can these criminals keep on escaping?

I could write tons of words about the subject, but I’ll just share a few thoughts:

We need to stop political correctness, yes that’s right we do. We need to say things as they are and acting accordingly rather than hold our words because someone might perceive them as incorrect or “hurting someone’s feelings”. The media doesn’t help here either. It’s very easy for someone to be labelled as racist or xenophobe.

What do I mean by that? Because everyone makes us feel guilty for saying what comes to our mind we don’t say it and we keep doing and acting according to what society wants us to do. Freedom of speech is quite a powerful tool. And by that, I mean we’ve been doing a big mistake by just open the doors for everyone to enter without any proper checks. And this is the key thing, no checks have been done so anyone, people that need and people that are aiming to do wrong things and arm us are getting in all in the same boat. This is already bad because then innocent people are labelled as all the same. The best way for us to help is to stop the money flow, stop buying oil from those countries, stop financing them guns. Ah, but this is not politically accepted is it? And yes western societies have the obligation to protect other nations and ensure everyone has the right to freedom and safety. These principles have no race, colour or religion.

I have friends from all different nationalities and backgrounds and none of them labels themselves by their religion first, they have first a name, then a country only then come their religious believes. Their society values are the most important thing for them.

Second, stop hypocrisy. A lot of people just write safely sited in their couch oh yeah let anyone in otherwise you’re a racist. Are you going to live in the middle of some groups? I can tell you there are areas in London where I simply refuse to go as a lady because I’m afraid. Would I live next to them? Absolutely not. I already lived in an weird area before and after dark I was always afraid. I heard shot guns outside our flat before, it was scary. So all very nice of you to say welcome everyone when you’re not the one living next to them. In UK in particular we have quite a big problem with so many extremist views from different places, sometimes I wonder if this a self-timing bomb. Kids in the schools are being radicalised. There are schools for women only and probably some of them are not even allowed to come out to the street. This is Europe, freedom please for all. Some places in the world treat women below animals and yet they come to the Western countries and they want to keep on doing the same. Moreover, they are very keen on force their own laws here. The day that happens I’m out. But at least I’m honest about it.

Because of point nr 1, political correctness, there’s not enough controls and we can’t give people the freedom and the safety everyone should have. So say yes to everyone who just wants a better life and wants to respect and live by freedom and safety and don’t be afraid to say no for those that are not keen to live by those.

“In Rome, be a roman”

Further read: Theresa May’s views on extremists 

Anything you would like to share? What are your views on the topic?


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