.: The precious gift of time :.

Is there something so precious as time? Especially nowadays where we are constantly being interrupted by social media, by e-mails, by notifications. At work, I’m always running between meetings and to do list and then all those e-mails I haven’t read yet. The spinning wheel feels like a 24/7 gymn. It never stops moving and you have to keep on following.

So if you ask me what do you want to do on the weekends or on my holidays, I would simply say do nothing. But reality is, this doesn’t really happen. Even if I have a lazy couch day, I keep on using my computer most of the time to carry on with my personal tasks on the to do list, and then procrastinating with more notifications.

I find the Christmas holidays are the best holidays to actually stop the clock and simply enjoy. A walk outside, or maybe watch the sunset or even the sunrise. Walk along the neighbourhood, stop at the local coffee shop, sit down and read a book. It feels the best gift I could ask for. Not checking time, phone on my bag, not caring about anything else just the pleasure of doing what I really like and focus on it, reading a book. When was the last time I’ve actually done it (not counting on travel time) and just decided that’s what I was going to do. I didn’t even realise it was already nightfall, because I was so immerse on the story it didn’t matter, only the next page.

I leave with a smile and with a feeling of accomplishment, because for once the clock wasn’t ticking – or I didn’t care about it. For once, I had the gift of time.


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