.: Trash :.

I know, I know. Everyone is posting “Happy new year” everywhere. Probably some photos from how amazing last night was and how they wish 2016 will be so amazing and everything will suddenly happen.

I have to say my feeling today (apart from feeling bored because of the cloudy, dark and rainy weather) is at peace. I feel at peace because I don’t wait for the clock to tick and the fireworks to start to make all my goals for the year ahead. Although we share a little notebook with goals / travels we are aiming to do this year which we review on the 31st, I don’t wait to make goals and amend them along the way. As I’ve shared already, one of the main goals I’ve decided back in November was to do my dream trip to Japan this year rather than keep on waiting for the right time. I’ve started 2016 with the tickets bought, one of the hotels already booked and with a weekend away with my sister end of January already planned.

Unlike recent years, we’ve ended up with no friends in London to organise a little get together. My preferred NYE will be with a small group of friends, having a lovely dinner and playing games without getting wasted. I even considered booking an hotel somewhere nice, but in the end I’ve decided nah, let’s actually enjoy the fact we are together and prepare a nice dinner for the 2 of us, watch a movie, play some games and then watch the London fireworks on telly. It felt like a normal night to be honest, and sometimes that’s all we need.

As for the movie, I’ve decided to watch Trash. Trash is very similar to “City of God” (Cidade de Deus) or “Elite Squad” (Tropa de Elite). I love both movies.

Trash main story is about the corruption in Brazil. It’s been recent headline news, but it’s actually so deep in the country culture it will be very hard to break. Because most people are poor, everyone wants to have a position of power such as being part of the police to make some extra cash. Although some slums (Favelas) have been pacified, the poverty is still there. And where there is poverty there is a lot of crime. I say Brazil is declining again, and the main reason is corruption.

In the story, 1 kid finds a wallet, which somehow seems to be really important. Rather than handing it over to the police (because he doesn’t trust them), Raphael goes on a journey with his 2 friends trying to find what it means. I love the 3 characters, they are all really clever boys born in the wrong place at the wrong time. They somehow manage to find the trail and discover important information.

The image in this movie is just brilliant! I found it a bit lighter than the reality is. In City of God or Elite Squad you feel the absolute pain that it is to live in poor circumstances where violence is as normal as the sun. Still totally worth it.

Have you watched anything interesting lately?


4 thoughts on “.: Trash :.

  1. “Borat”. I wouldn’t say it’s very, very interesting, but you get some good laughs out of it. And it makes you think about the people involved: were they asked to be part of that mockmentary or accidentally caught in Sacha’s craziness? I tend to think that latter.

    • Borat has a very special place at home, because one of our best friends looks like Sacha Cohen anyway and he does a very good Borat. It’s really good fun! I didn’t like Bruno, but enjoyed the Dictator and Ally G from Slough hahahah. Borat is still my favourite though.

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