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Hard to believe my last post was almost 2 months ago! But I have to admit since then my life has been a bit upside down and a lot is changing, so I didn’t had the chance nor the mood to keep the blog up to date.

I’m still enjoying working in London, which means for the first time ever having the chance to sleep in my bed at night, but the commuting is killing me. It’s 1h20 each way in good days. Which means I leave the house before 07h to get the 07h10 train, I’m in the office around 08h15, then I return back home at 19h, which means being home at 20h30.


On the other hand, because pretty much all I can do over the weekend is lay in the couch and watch all the food & house programs on telly, I have a lot of cooking ideas on my mind. Haven’t done any, except for the stuffed mushrooms yesterday:

I love Laura’s videos, and this recipe was no exception. I’ve used feta cheese as well. Because I had a lot of bedcrumbs leftovers, I’ve sparkled a few over the salmon, and it turns it it’s pretty good!


It was a very good meal, even if the photo is rubbish, it was pretty tasty. We were so starving I didn’t had the chance to take a decent photo of the food.

Today for lunch doing something I really miss, Portuguese Tuna & Egg salad

You can see the recipe here.

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully I’ll be posting a bit more regularly now

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