.: A relaxing social weekend :.

Yap, posts are still coming at the same speed as sun shines in London…. rarely! I have been spending most of my weekends in coach doing nothing but watching telly and feeling bad. I haven’t edited my photos from this year and to be fair I’ve barely took any. Oh well!

As I was missing a lot on the social side, this weekend was a good one to recover. On Saturday, as it was gorgeously sunny and even warm we went to Richmond (my favourite place in London!).


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As the pub was quite busy the food took a while to come, but it was lovely to relax and talk with our friends. We thought we would go for a walk after lunch along the river, but as soon as we left our lunch it was cloudy, windy and cold again! So we ended up just having a warm coffee and going back home. (4 seasons in a day!)

Today was a day for brunch and Board Games. Oh I was missing for one of those days! It was also quite interesting to cross central London by car on a Sunday morning. We normally take the tube, but this time we’ve decided to cross the city (west to east)


Before we’ve started brunch and while we were waiting for Sainburys to open (yes, on Sundays a lot of places only open after 11a.m!), we did a stop at the Coffee Works Project for a coffee break and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed my coffee. I am rarely drinking coffee these days (hard to believe right?), so if I do it needs to be a really decent one. This didn’t disappoint! Really tasty


The Coffee Works Project Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

After a lovely brunch, we’ve started our game marathon. First game was Dobble, which I knew about, but I had never played before.

The game is really easy to play, it takes less than 2m to learn the rules. There are around 5 different versions of playing this game, which makes it quite interesting. It’s all about matching an icon from your card to the card on the table / or from the other guys, but you need to say the name of the icon you’re matching. If none of us is a native english speaker, it makes the game even more interesting as it’s all about speed! Each game takes less than 10m to finish and the goal is always to get rid of the card, or take the less number possible.

You can find it on amazon (here)

Next stop, as the boys were tired of losing this one, we went to the famous Jungle Speed – which we really love!

Main warning if you are planning Jungle speed for the first time: Please make sure you have absolutely nothing on the table, I mean it! Nothing! It works better with a round table too to ensure everyone is at the same distance from the token. We had a rectangle table this time, so we left the fastest boys on the corners.

Same as the previous one, it’s all about speed! You need to keep an eye on your card and the others on the table and make sure you grab the token first if you have a matching icon and ensure you don’t make a mistake. All the cards look very unique, but when it goes fast they start to really look alike! Available on amazon here

Finally we’ve ended up playing Trains to Europe / Ticket to Ride and it was really good fun. After the speed of the other previous games, it was nice to play a more strategic game. As it was my first time playing, I didn’t really had a strategy and I ended up being the one with less points. The goal is to get the most points possible. You get points by fulfilling your objectives (there are cards with objectives and they tell you how many points you get), and also by building trains. You build trains by collecting cards the colour presented on the board. Finally you get extra points by having the longest uninterrupted path on the board. It’s easily played between 2 to 5 people.

Available on amazon here.

So overall it was a pretty relaxing afternoon and I feel quite happy now 🙂

A few other boardgames we love, but we didn’t play this time:

Cards Against Humanity

It was my sister that first told me about this game so I couldn’t resist but to buy it straight. It’s all about having a wicked sense of humour! The way it works is quite simple. Each player takes a question card at a time and all others need to play a matching card to that question. The player reading the question will read all the cards and decide which one is the best one. There’s no selection criteria, so you need to think about the other person’s sense of humour when selecting the card. You win by getting the most points (black cards with questions)

They’ve started as a crowd funding, but it went really popular and I can see why! They have special cards nowadays and there are even similar games. I love this game because it’s all about NOT being politically correct! Not recommended if you are easily offended with jokes. You can read more about the game here.


Dixit is a beautiful game. Seriously, all the cards are really beautiful to watch! Unlike cards against humanity, it’s a family friendly game.

Each player selects a card from his hand and needs to tell a story about the card (without showing it to the other players). The other players needs to select a similar card. All the cards are displayed around the board and everyone needs to guess what was the card from the original story. You get points by guessing the correct card. The first person to get more than 30 points (as per board) wins. So here, it’s all about imagination and storytelling. You can play your own versions of the game, for instance, once we’ve decided to select songs matching the card we had. You can do it with books, movies, or a specific there. Whatever comes to your mind really! (Available on amazon here).

Do you like board games? Anything you recommend?

Have a lovely week ahead!


6 thoughts on “.: A relaxing social weekend :.

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  2. Thanks a lot Assia 🙂 The sky picture is actually an old picture I took of the London Eye and I love pastel colours, hence the editing 🙂 I love good cake and even more a good coffee 😀

  3. The first time I played Dobble was with a group of French people where I was the only one whose native language wasn’t French. It was definitely a fun test of how fast I could think of words in French! I can see how your experience playing with other people whose second language is English would lead to some laughs.

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