.: Smart Writing Set :.

I’m quite a big fan of technology! Love new ideas and things that end up changing our lives. You know this trendy topic which is women on technology? Well I am one! I had programming in high school and I’ve ended up programming at work at some stage, even though I’m not officially one. I’m not good with ideas or developing products myself, but I follow any new ideas quite closely and I tend to be one of the first adapters. Smart watch? Yes please! Kindle, joined in as soon as I could. Internet TV, yes please! Still resisting the amazon echo, but once houses have more technology around it to make the most of it it will be a yes too. And oh, love my Sonos 😀

So as soon as I saw this video I was like: I want it!!!

Such a great idea! I’m glad someone thought about it, especially with the paper technology evolving so quickly. We need more creatives and more engineers in this world and I would love to have one of these, as I used to love drawing and I still love writing. Not to mention it would save me a lot of work with my notes from the meetings.

Any new product you would like to share?

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