.: Life needs more chocolate :.

Over the last few weeks, with my working life going way too stressful then what I needed, I’ve discovered a new meaning for happy calories. I tend to use this term referring to food – any guilty pleasure of yours – which for me is without a doubt chocolate. But, it also means enjoying the things you love and learning how to prioritise.

It’s very easy to get all emotional and take things over a new level when you care about the work you deliver, but the main point is to ensure that you stop and think: “is this really worth it? Am I not taking it more seriously than I should?”. I bet the answer will most likely be: yes!

Enjoy life as it needs to be enjoyed, by treasuring every little moment

We’ve just spend the afternoon playing board games


Our football team just won the championship and we were sharing chocolates together. This truffles in particular are quite amazing! (This was a gift from a secret santa at work). I had never tried Monty Bojangles before, but will pay attention from now on!


Cheers to a life with more happy calories (I’ll try to remember these words as the week goes by!)

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