.: Capsule wardrobe :.

I believe I have already published something in similar lines before, but it’s always good to remember. I’m in the process right now of starting to check my wardrobe (and stuff in general) as I need space. Because I still have 3 months to go I haven’t really started, but it’s always a good time to start. Every season I check the items I have, the items I need and I create 2 piles: throw away (if it’s no longer in good enough condition) and give away – in our building we have a clothing storage which makes this process easier.

A few years ago I’ve also created 2 boards on pinterest: my wardrobe – so I remember what I already have – and the wishlist – to make me think twice before I buy it. When I finally need something e.g. a dress, I go into the wishlist and see the items I already have in there. I tend to buy most of my clothing online as I don’t have much time for shopping and also, because every time I go to the stores they never have my number, this is why this system works for me.

Recently I’ve been wearing 95% of my time dresses for work and leggings over the weekends – or just PJ in a lazy day like today.

So I’ve really enjoyed this little video as it summarises what I’ve been trying to achieve at home:

The app looks pretty easy to use, so will give it a go and see how it helps.
Any personal ideas on how to de-clutter?


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