.: Sunlight and brownies :.

Today was planning to go out for a walk but after baking brownies in the kitchen, I’m feeling a bit tired. Probably the heat doesn’t help either (30 degrees in the living room!)
So instead of going out now, just decided to detox in the room.
I’m actually struggling to find a position where I can actually held my notebook and write while the music is playing in the room and you are moving inside me. It smells brownies all over the house, such a delicious dark chocolate smell.
It would be quite tempting to go back to my computer and get distracted with social media… but sometimes we need to disconnect. No e-mails, no flashing notifications, no distractions, just the here and now. Appreciating the warm light that tries to enter the room, the music playing and the dark chocolate smell.
Considering you are just days before coming out, I should be feeling more stressed and anxious, but actually I’m feeling calm and peaceful. Not because I’m not scared (because I am) but because I’m determined to rest and take it easy. You’ll be born when you decide you are ready, so I’m trying to be ready for you as well.
All I did pretty much this year was to let stress take the best out of me. I felt miserable for a long time (something tells me the hormones had a say on it as well), but it felt I wasn’t being me.
I was moaning and complaining every single day and I even ended up crying on my way back home after a shitty day at the office.
Well you know what? That’s not what I want for me and surely not for you either.
Truth to be told I still don’t know what I want to be and what I should be doing career wise, but I do know who I don’t want to become.
I don’t want to let the child in me die, and I hope the creative me will start to wake up again bit by bit. With so many options out there do I how do I know which road to take? All I know for sure is that I want to spend good quality time with you and dad and give you the same childhood memories as the ones I grew up with.
We never had a luxurious life, on the contrary quite a modest one, but looking back we had the luxury of time well spent together. Running in the beach, gathering sea-shells, building castles in the sand. Running in the fields on the back of our house, grabbing lemons below the tree or grabbing fresh oranges on a sunny day. Or maybe a drive to the mountains where we would jump on the rocks and try not to fall into the river (most likely I would end up doing that and getting my feet wet, whereas my sis would jump faster and more skillfully than clumsy me). We didn’t need any more than that.
Not many of my friends who had better houses, better toys and branded clothing can say the same and I don’t remember being that bothered either even as a kid. Because time is priceless so I want to give the same to you.
There is no point in getting fooled by “lady boss” and “women on leadership” and let’s continue to try to grow as high as I can if that means I won’t have enough time for you. I know for a few years now that I don’t want that life, just haven’t figured out what is my middle ground yet. There’s a part of me that hopes you’ll bring clarity into my head and I’ll end up figuring out what’s best for all of us.
Because in the end all I want is afternoons like this, where I’m here with you, relaxing, stretching my feet, feeling free and enjoying the sun through the windows. Because moments like this have no price, they are memories that will stay with me forever.

.: My headspace :.

Ah is there anything better than a long weekend? I went to South Wales on this one, which I find is one of the best places in UK to slow down and relax surrounded by all the green scenery. For instance I love Lake District a lot, but it just takes forever to get there, especially if we’re talking about a long weekend! I’m hoping to be back at some stage, in any random weekend to spend a few days there. South Wales is a much easier option as it’s just 2h15 from London (or 3h and a bit with the traffic on a long weekend).

The point of a weekend away tends to be to relax, and starting the weekend stuck in 6h queues isn’t a great start. Finally one that was far more relaxing! We’ve managed to reach the hotel for dinner at 08h! I will be sharing the photos of the hotel and the weekend on my other blog here

What I really want to stay is that I took this weekend to turn a page in my book of live and to learn to let it go. I’ve been way too stressed lately. A month ago I ended up crying on my way home after leaving the office due to the stress and frustration. Maybe I can blame it on the hormones, but… this not the way anyone should live. Not worth it as everyone around me says, especially not now. I’ve been having all my priorities all wrong (I’ve been saying this for a while, have I not?)

Recommended by a friend I’m now doing daily meditation (using Headspace), reading a book about it and just joined yoga classes that will start in June. I do want to change for real, taking the train of the biggest change ever! I want to look back and say:

“I was doing it all wrong, but now it’s better. I’ve managed to change and I feel a lot better. I feel that for once I can grab life with both hands rather than feel it keeps on escaping through my fingers like water drops.”

The truth is I’ve just arrived home and I feel so much better! Just 2 days away and I feel almost brand new. The full test of fire will be once I’m back into the office, but for now I’ll enjoy it, peacefully.

About Headspace (Disclaimer: I’m not being sponsored at all for this post, it’s a genuine review as I really enjoy the program and the design of the app)
Headspace is a really lovely animated app that you can use on your computer and phone, with tailored programs for meditation. I’m still using the free program, which includes a 10 days guide for beginners.

For more information check their website or app.

Which relaxation techniques do you use to handle a stressful life? Anything you would recommend?

.: The Voice UK :.

I know, I know, the voice UK again, but you see I really love music. My mum says even before I was born I would react to music in her belly. Though part is I can’t sing, I can’t really play anything just like writing and listening to music non stop!

Sharing my favourite moments so far and leaving the best for the end: The Battle.

The lovely young ladies

Morven Brown


Such a rose indeed, I love this performance!


This girl has loads of energy

Olivia & Clark

I love what Clark did to this song, and Olivia’s porcelain’s voice is quite something too

Special ones


I love her quite a lot, not just for the voice, but for the whole package, she’s quite unique! And she’s the one who actually wrote this song!

The Opera

Yap, the voice has seen a few Opera singers and I’m glad they are coming to the show. I love classical music, not necessarily a fan of Opera, but love a gorgeous operatic voice. Seriously do!


Hard to believe she didn’t go through, I could ear her sing all day. Have a look into the video below


Same as Annelies, she didn’t go through, which is a shame!

The best moment of it all, hats of for the ice-cream lady

Absolutely gorgeous moment! Hats off!

.: Downton Funk :.

Yesterday it was beautiful and sunny, today it’s classic English weather. Cloudy, dark and drizzling.

I just spend the whole afternoon visiting houses, now need to wait and see what happens. So I need some cheer up and nothing better than a twist in this song:

How are you enjoying your weekend? Any plans?
Enjoy your weekend!

Note: Have you seen my photos from my weekend in Lille? Check out my other blog 🙂

.: Lara Fabian :.

I love her voice. Ever since I first listened to Adagio I fell in love. Such a voice and so full of class!

I just discovered there is a movie as well, fully available on youtube (Mademoiselle Zhivago)

Really amazing mini song movies

She’s gorgeous isn’t she?

.: Romantic songs :.

Not sure if you celebrate Valentine’s day. I don’t. I guess I never really overcome the love letters they’ve made us write at school and the false hope as a teenager that one day I would receive one.

He actually likes it, so he tends to prepare a nice meal for me and we try to have a nice day together. Well that seems a way better plan than try to go to a crowded restaurant 🙂

Still, because I find it beautiful to celebrate love, sharing some of my favourite romantic songs.

Phil Collins – You’ll be in my heart

I love his voice, both of us love this song 🙂

The Bangles – Eternal Flame

Oh, what a classic!

Bon Jovi – Make a memory

He has loads of really gone ones

Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias

I love this song so badly!

Whitney Houston – I will always love you

It’s got to be one of the best love songs of all times!

The first time ever I saw your face

This songs has lots of covers, but as I love Leona’s voice, here you go

Celine Dion – My heart will go on

I can’t count the number of times I’ve listen to this music! Yes yes I know

Your song – Moulin Rouge version (original by Elton John)

Simply beautiful!

Beauty & the beast


Dream theater – I walk beside you

For a long while this was our song

Anathema – Untouchable 

This song is perfect!

Backstreet Boys – As long as you love me

Couldn’t finish the list without Backstreet Boys 🙂

Do you have a song? What’s your favourite romantic song?

.: And so the voice begins :.

For those of you that are following the blog for longer you will know that I’m quite a fan of the Voice UK, which just started now. We had a few really good ones tonight.

Stevie McCrorie

A lovely voice that matches his personality (you would have to see the full video to understand what I mean). It was genuine and I loved it, and gosh he’s hot!

Stephen McLaughlin

Such a cutie! Seriously he has a great presence and a great control over his voice. Sometimes the high notes felt like he was screaming a bit, but overall really good

Hannah Symons

She’s quite unique really. When she started it was perfect, then the high notes I think she needs to work on them, but she’s a diamond really. I was impressed that she wrote the song. It’s hard to sing as Becky Hill (a former contestant)

I prefer her tone in her original song below


Really emotional this one! Perfect choice in going with Will.


.: Sound of music – 2014 list :.

I know I know, I’m creating another list! But I really had to share the best songs / groups I’ve been listening in 2014. Since I know myself I always love listening to music and discovering new things to listen. My mom says when she was still pregnant I was moving at the sound of music in her belly. Cute 🙂

Top 15 Artists from 2014 (Sponsored by LastFM)

  • Dream Theater – even though I don’t like their recent works as much, they are still our favourite band 😀 The best song from 2014 was Illumination Theory – such a master piece!

  • Anathema – I’ve been into a few concerts already and I really love them! This year they’ve also released a new album, and the best song for me is Anathema. So beautiful

  • Blackfield – The first 3 albuns were really nice, not anymore though. But we still listen to the old works, like My gift of silence

  • Nightwish – Nightwish will always be in my top lists. I’ve started to listen to it somewhere in 2003 or 2004, when a friend told me I would love it. And I do! Hopefully the new albuns will be good

  • Special mention to Tuomas Holopainen (from Nightwish) who released quite a dreamy album.

  • Did you know that Nigthwish released a video in 2012 called Imaginarium? It’s pretty cool. I’ve only seen it this year

  • Within Temptation – After Nightwish it’s another band I really enjoy, although again I believe their works are not as strong as the older works. It sounds they’ve become a bit more commercial, but I like them anyway. Love the concept of their albums. End of last year they’ve released a single with Tarja (ex-Nightwish)

  • Woodkid – This was probably my greatest discovery of 2014, it’s a shame I didn’t know him before! The songs are so different from everything else, just love it

  • Lindsey Stirling – All of us love Lindsey, especially my dad. Her videos are so amazing and so heartfull. I didn’t had a chance to see her yet, but hopefully I will

  • Keiko Matsui – I love her music! Dreamy

  • Jasmine Thompson (TantrumJas) – I’ve started following her on her youtube channel. This lovely lady from London has such an emotional voice. Every cover she does she transforms it completely and normally I end up preferring the cover 🙂 Here’s a good video below (Jasmin covering Birdy – which I also love!)

  • This year she was also the invited guest for a Robin Schulz song

  • Angra – It’s a band that both of us love, mostly for their old songs, although they have surprised us this year with the song below

  • Muse – I like their songs even though the singing part sometimes is not as strong as it could be, many times it all looks the same regardless of the song hahahaha. But they have pretty amazing sounds

  • Ivy & Gold – This was another discovery from this year. Not sure many of you will know it, but I really like it. It’s not something you’ll hear on the radio 🙂 They only have EPs so far, but they’re also available on Spotify

  •  Spock’s Beard – It’s funny that’s Spock’s is in the list but not Flying Colors, guess that’s because there’s only 2 Flying Colors albums so far. Both bands have the Morse brothers as founders.

Some of the top songs:

  • Plan B – She said – He’s fed up with this song by now, but I love the sound! I listen to this song regularly while having my shower and dance in the bathroom hahahaha

  • Birdy – Strange birds – I love her voice and this is one of my fav

  • Paper Aeroplanes – Little Letters – Same as above, I love this song and the video too!

  • Aurea – Nothing left to say – Love her voice too! Here’s to a south Portuguese voice 🙂

  • Christina Aguillera – Say Something – This is such a moving video!!!!

What have you been listening to this year?

.: Listening to – Rae Morris :.

Sometimes (or many times!) I feel that I listen to stuff that no one else I know does. But I like it that way, at least I don’t get bored with the stuff that plays in an infinite loop on the radio.

And another example

What’s your plans for this Saturday morning? Do you enjoy waking up and listen to your favourite songs?