.: How to make the most of your photos :.

Oh wow it’s really been a while since I last wrote something. You’re life changes upside down from the moment you have a baby, especially one so full of energy and that doesn’t sleep or nap.

But baby made me realize how important photos really are! I can’t think about losing all the photos I have from her or even from the travels I did before she was born, like the Japan one (you can see the full trip here).

So what do you do with your precious photos? Do they get stuck in your phone or somewhere in the disk drive? Well, I wanted to share with you my ideas to make them more part of your life again

I – Print them
As opposed to buy some fancy painting what about framing that favourite photo of yours on the wall? We have a couple spread around the house. Like our photos from Lisbon standing side by side. We then make the guest which one was taken by whom (for those who don’t know already)

II – Use them for office supply

There was a point I had a really nice photo on my Samsung photo cover. Unfortunately most websites only support a handful of mobile phones, so can’t do the same anymore. But what about a tea cup with your favourite holiday memory? Or even a cushion?

III – Print them on your debit card

Some banks like Barclays allow you to personalise your debit card. He used a really good photo from Japan and I have to say I love his card!

IV – Print a t-shirt

I remember when I was little I used to draw and once I’ve decided to print a t-shirt with one of my favourite drawings. At least it’s personalised clothing

V – Personalise paperless cards

Today it’s my parents 33th anniversary so I had the idea of using a photo I had taken from them to create a paperless card so they can receive it on their e-mail straight on the day as opposed to wait for mail to be sent out.

Are you running a party at your flat? Why not get a funny picture of yours and  create a personalised  invite? For some cool ideas you can check Paperless Post invitations

Here’s a few examples from https://www.paperlesspost.com/cards/section/invitations


Any ideas you would like to share? What do you do with your photos?

The idea of this post was sent by the paperless team. Thank you for contacting me and allowing to get to know your website!

.: The Photography Show 2015 :.

Finally had a chance to visit such an event! It’s really hard to photograph with so many people around. They had pretty good deals on cameras and some lenses but I’ve managed not to buy anything!

They had a lot on studio photography which we don’t really do and more recently I’m more into street photography or just 50mm photos, so the less equipment I have actually the better! Just need to improve my photo skills and find sharper lens

I’m bored!


In this event we’ve mostly seen people with loads of equipment and heavy cameras and then you had a few guys with mirrorless cameras (Yap, one day I’ll join the club!)

Do you like photography? Which style do you like the most? Wish you all a great week ahead (I’m dreading mine!!!)

.: Week 5 – Chinon 50mm 1.7 :.

Yap, the toughest challenge so far.

I fell in love with old lens after watching this video

And recently we’ve bought the Chinon 50mm 1.7

It’s such a small lens, but the bokeh quality is really good. All the photos get quite a charismatic look BUT it’s really hard to get any decent photo. Reason being is that you have to do everything manually and worst of all, I don’t even know if the result is going to be good or not, even if it all seems ok in the viewfinder. So it’s quite a tough exercise to get any decent photos, but it does make you think before you photograph and it makes me go back to basis as well and rely less on the 100 buttons and functionalities on my camera. My best results so far:

My canon lens collection


Something I’ve noticed on the wall

A bottle in the wall

Lamps… I do photograph them a lot

More wall

This one was looking amazing in the viewfinder… not as much in the final result

Did you ever tried to play with an old lens in a digital camera? Any thoughts?

Wish you all a lovely weekend


.: Weekly Photo projects :.

Hello everyone,
How is the week going? Here in uk it’s still quite freezing!

I was just reading this article from “Digical Camera Review magazine” and I was wondering if any of you was doing any photography project. I’ve decided end of last year that when the year finishes I want to consolidate our best photos and go a photography book for us. I have started the template but that was pretty much it.

I know some of you may be doing the 365 challenge which I find quite challenging!!! I take photos almost every day – mobile photos included – but I guess I can’t commit to a daily challenge (yet!) – but will want to try at some stage. If you want to get inspired you can check Miss Twiggs photos, she just finished her project!

Gorgeous aren’t they?

So I’ve decided to start the 52 week challenge. 1 challenge a week should be manageable. Without realizing I’ve been doing precisely that!

Week 1 – My first photo with a tripod

Week 2 – Black & White Light (Brighton)

Week 3 – Still Life 

Week 4 – 50mm Black and White (Richmond)

Are you doing any photo project?

Wish you a lovely evening

.: Exploring Richmond with a 50mm :.

As my landlord is trying to sell the house, we had 3 visits in a row this Saturday, which meant that we had to be away from home for at least 1h30. It was pretty cloudy and not inviting at all, but I decided to go for a quick walk in Richmond and use my 50mm lens.

I like to use my 50mm for many reasons, the first is that it’s my smallest lens, so it’s very light to carry and also because it forces me to think more about composition. I can’t simply zoom in and out as I’m talking about a prime lens here, so I need to use my body and move around to create the photo I want. I like that. It makes you get out of your comfort zone. It’s also a very good lens for portrait photography, which I don’t do that often.

It was really windy this weekend, so forget about getting any flowers sharp!!!

Because the 50mm allows for really small apertures (f1.8), it’s also great to capture detail and blur the background or create lovely bokeh effects without any effort.

My first time trying to leave colour in only 1 object. One day I’ll be able to do a proper one, like the classical phone cabinet! It looks a bit rubish, but I’m happy with it as a first try

He keeps on using me as his own personal monopod, so as a “revenge” I decided to use his head for a photo as well ahhahahah

Considering I took this photo from the car (with the car moving) I’m quite happy with the light

And finally a selfie

Do you have any lens preference?

.: And then he started photographing :.

And that moment when he decided to buy his own camera and started photographing too. For the last days we’ve been going out at the sunset to photograph together, except it’s quite cold and I managed to get worst from my cold. But it feels like a promising 2015! He’s now keen in joining me for walks and photograph the landscape and I couldn’t be any happier

My camera on the spot

Yesterday evening

For Christmas he gave me 2 photography books which I love. It’s quite funny that he didn’t even know I was a follower of “A Beautiful mess” for a while now

Wish you all a great 2015 🙂

.: 30 days before I’m 30 – 30 photos :.

Just a few days to go and I’m not even half way through my list. But I was expecting it anyway!

Because I love photography will try to share 30 photos that I really like. Again in no particular order:

(Click the titles to go to my pinterest album)




Black & White

Definitely one of my favourite styles. It’s all about composition, detail and light.





Urban | Street photography



What’s your favourite style?

.: Autumnal inspirations & Relaxing :.

It’s quite cloudy today, and maybe because I had a tiring week, today I feel it’s the perfect day to stay at home and doing nothing.

Listen to music, catch up with blogs, maybe look into my closet and check what I don’t need anymore. It feels good doesn’t it?

But I’m relying that tomorrow the weather will be better and I will be able to have a walk and photograph the Autumnal colours.

My dad doesn’t understand why I love Autumn so much, but let’s see…. I was born in Autumn, love the autumnal flavours like almond or cinnamon, the weather is perfect for a warm drink – I just had my cinnamon cappuccino 😀

But the best of all, are the colours of the fall. So let me share with you some of my photos from previous years:

I had completely forgotten about this session a few years ago in Hyde Park with a friend of mine:

Do you enjoy relaxing at home? What’s your favourite thing when you have the house just for yourself?

Enjoy your weekend,