.: Smart Watches :.

Oh how, I hadn’t posted anything in here for ages. This is what happens when I’m trying to maintain too many blogs!
I’ve moved the Lego Mum Diaries into it’s own blog, then there’s also the MissLilly’s Journeys not to mention the To Be Blamed blog. Too many potentially, I might need to revisit which ones I really keep shortly.
Anyway, since the concept of the smart watches came out, I’ve been looking for a decent one I could wear myself, but guess what there weren’t any. It’s all too sporty and too big for a ladies wrist. Recently there’s been some really good models a bit more fashionable.

Main reasons why I want a smart watch:

  • Because it’s cool (I love technology)
  • Not to miss any nursery calls because my phone was I don’t know where

Pretty much I wanted

  • something simple that would fit on my wrist nicely,
  • Android Wear 2.0 (which is the latest Android software) as I own an Android phone
  • NFC so I could use it for payments (Android Pay) without the need to use my wallet or my phone

Sounds a simple request right? What if I tell you that currently there’s no smatch watch that offers the 3 things above? (Not for a lady)

Here’s the ones I’ve considered:

Moto 360 – 2nd Gen

I remember looking into them, and there was even an option called the moto maker where you could design your watch completely, but that’s now gone from UK. I couldn’t find the models I wanted anymore anywhere, not entirely sure what happened with Morotola in UK. This was the closest available on amazon (here) In fact if you go to Motorola’s web page in UK there’s no mention of the smart watches anymore. But they looked pretty nice.

Fossil Q Wander

Well, I’ve been a fan of fossil watches for a long time now and I own a few of them, so when they’ve announced they had an Android Smart Watch I was really in love with it. The design is pretty much the same of the Moto 360

Unlike the Moto 360 there’s no 42mm version, which would be perfect for a women’s wrist, but actually even at 45mm doesn’t feel big. It’s also really light as well.


  • From the Android Wear phones this is the best design for ladies
  • Priced at £229 it’s one of the cheapest Android Wear phones as well
  • Interchangeable straps which are really easy to replace


  • No NFC! Why oh why! I’ve contacted the customer service and it seems a new generation will be coming out Sep / October but they are not sure yet if they’ll have NFC either. This is quite a big downside (for me at least)
  • The screen is not as good as some of the competition, but in a phone I’m not picky about screen quality as I would be on my mobile phone

Huawei W1 Watch

This looks pretty good as well

This one also priced at £239.

But again, no NFC! Only the 2nd generation has it, but then it’s a sports watch

Samsung Gear 3

This is, I would say, the best Android Watch. They don’t have Android Pay but that’s because Samsung has their own application. Ultimately you can use pay powered by NFC. Samsung is also the only smart watch (that I know off), that allows to hold a stand alone phone card, so if your phone dies out you can re-route your calls to your phone. This is pretty cool too. But then look at the design

I’ve tried my best to like it. I did. But it looked huge and heavy on my wrist. I was thinking of changing the strap to something like this:

But I just hate the metal crown.

The screen quality of the samsung is also the best available. But ultimately it was double the price of the Fossil one, priced at around £349. Would I pay almost double the price to get NFC but get an uglier watch?


I’ve ended up going for the Fossil Q Wander, but I’m still upset it doesn’t hold NFC. It is really a big shame. Good that the watches are evolving and there are a lot more options available now 🙂

Do you have a smart watch? Any feedback? Are you considering getting one?


.: My views on “feminism” :.

This is not my usual post at all, but there’s so much flying around I can’t hold myself anymore.

Somehow I feel everyone is going mad and labelling everything feminism. Let’s define femism:

Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.[1][2]This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.


What is being labelled as feminism right now is something else entirely and deep inside I feel it’s dangerous, and I’m really writing this as a woman too.
Feminism is becoming probably one of the hottest topic in US, but it’s spreading at a fast speed. More recently because of this viral video on catcalling. I don’t like being stalked like it happen in one of the example in the video. But when someone tells me I’m beautiful or have a good day or smile deep inside I feel happy and I do smile. Some of the catcalling can actually be so stupid it ends up being funny. We can’t confuse catcalling with harassment. In my world they always have been separate things. Men tend to be more vocal about women than we are, it doesn’t mean that every man is a rapist. In fact I can tell you that men get catcalled too (for instance my boyfriend gets catcalled by women too – sometimes by men as well), but he doesn’t act badly about it. He’s not being harassed. Are women rapists for catcalling too?

Honestly this “feminism” is killing everything feminism is all about, it’s all about all men are rapist and all women are innocent and deserve a special status. They are doing it all wrong! Yes there are countries where women still have no rights and suffer in silence and it’s because of them I find so frustrating to mix it all up under the same umbrella. What’s happening right now is not feminism!

Regarding of the clothing, if someone dresses a sexy dress I will look too, or any sexy clothing for that matter. For example, I’ve worked with a lady that had a quite noticeable breasts and she was using low-cut shirts, I can tell you that even being straight I was looking too! But because we are human and we have this so called brain, we understand what we should or shouldn’t do (at least most of us do) and we won’t stare. If you feel uncomfortable by being looked at then be mindful how you dress. Again using my own personal example, I work in a male dominant environment, therefore I pay extra attention on what I dress for work, and I guess because I feel uncomfortable when people look at me (and take notice I didn’t said men because I feel the same discomfort regardless) I avoid wearing good looking dresses. But sometimes I do enjoy feeling beautiful and will wear something nicer, but then I know people will take notice. Just because of that I won’t start labelling all men that look at me rapists.

On the same line, something that is becoming really trendy these days is the topic of women in technology or women in leadership. It’s becoming to a point where companies are encouraged to hire more women than men (this doesn’t sound to me as being equal). To be they should address this question differently, why don’t we give equal rights to men and women? A good example of that is maternity | paternity policies. They are not the same. Yes I understand that there is the biological fact that women have babies so they need more time to recover, but even society still expects men to go back to work after a few days and women to be the ones staying at home. Do we even give the choice to men to decide what they may want to do? Why don’t we have a policy that gives equal rights? That it will be the personal choice of the individual to decide what fits best in their case.

But then why do we talk only about women as leaders and not about coloured people in leadership positions, or asians or something else? We need to have policies that sponsor equal rights regardless of gender, colour or religious beliefs.

I am a women, I work in technology and I defend equal rights for every human being and I’m the first in line to say what’s flying on the media is not feminism. If we keep protecting it, by the looks we’ll be discriminating towards men!

Just my thoughts.